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Yoga 'Un'Conditioning

A blend of strength training or functional mobility practices with the mindful principles of yoga.

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 10 British pounds
  • The Yoga Tree

Service Description

Each week we will focus on a different part of our body (eg shoulder, hips etc) and with help of props, like blocks and resistant straps we move through drills and repetition of movement sequences. This will increase not only physical strength, flexibility and general agility but also will boost your body confidence and self belief! Sometimes it's good to approach our practice from different perspectives, so we can find different ways of stimulating and strengthening the body and the mind. What makes yoga YOGA is not so much the poses but the attention and intention we apply in the practice. This class is designed to help us work on conditioning, stamina and strength as we would in a gym class but with the same mindfulness and intention of a yoga practice. Gain strength and increased range of motion for your regular yoga practice with this conditioning course! These classes are a great way to support your regular yoga practice and, also to switch things up if you’re looking for a fun, productive break from traditional yoga classes. Or if you don’t have a regular yoga practice yet but you want to reverse the negative effects of habitual sitting and bad posture then this course will be a good starting point however as with any movement practice, regularity and consistency is key to make an impact. Excessive sitting is practically unavoidable and it starts at an early age, as soon as we are at school, we are spending hours a day in an unnatural position for the body. The body adapts to whatever we do, some muscles get stronger and eventually tighter from being used much more than others, which get weaker and in some cases over stretched Eventually parts of the body get misaligned and frequently this leads to injury. Persistent problems with the back, hamstrings, shoulders, neck and knees are often an outcome of the time we spend perched in chairs. When teaching yoga classes I see these imbalances in almost everyone to some degree. The poses that most people find hardest are ones that require strength or flexibility in the places that get weak or tight from excessive sitting. These sessions will begin and end with some breathing practices before resting in a short savasana.

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Cancelation Policy

If you need to reschedule please do so well before the class start time. A refund will only be offered in extenuating circumstances.

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