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  • Maitri Studio Belfast

Service Description

This workshop is perfect to start you off on the Ashtanga Yoga journey, and it will give you the foundation you need to join my weekly Mysore* (Guided Self Practice) classes that I run every Friday morning from 6:30 AM and Wednesday evening at 6 PM (starting in September). Don’t worry if you have never practiced Ashtanga Yoga before. If you have ever attended a Vinyasa class, you will be familiar with many of the poses already. This workshop is for everyone wishing to start learning this transformative practice and anyone open to something new, with a willingness to learn and a bit of patience ;) Ashtanga Yoga is based on a set sequence of postures and 6 series and incorporates a unique system (Tristana method) of synchronising breath with movement (Vinyasa) and focus of gaze. Applying this method helps you move and breathe more efficiently and with more inner awareness, as it helps create a meditative aspect and can make you feel very centred and relaxed after the practice. A consistent and regular Ashtanga Yoga practice can improve strength and flexibility in the body and increase focus and clarity of mind. During this workshop, you will: • Learn the specific breathing technique that is used throughout the whole practice (Ujjayi, or breathing with sound) • Learn about the Tristana method (posture, gazing point & breath (including bandha)) • Synchronise each movement with breath • Be guided through and learn all the poses of the Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar A&B) • Explore some of the first fundamental standing postures • Be introduced to a few of the basic seated postures • Learn the 3 finishing asanas • Have a brief relaxation (Savasana) This class will end with a Q&A session. If you enjoy this workshop, you will be ready to join my Mysore program, where I work with each individual student and show and talk them through the poses, including how to adapt or modify each pose if necessary. This Self Practice method is the traditional way Ashtanga is taught to students around the world and is ideally practiced daily (5 or 6 days a week). It is a bit like a 1-to-1, but within a group environment. *Mysore – named after the place in India where it was first taught.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

If you need to reschedule please do so well before the class start time. A refund will only be offered in extenuating circumstances.

Contact Details

  • Maitri Studio Belfast, The Mount, Belfast, UK

    +44 7751 586448

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